Hair strobing – Contour your hair style and provide it with gloss

Why do blond hair of Gigi Hadid always look perfect? Partially it is a merit of specialists staff, who exercise protection over her image. They are the one who started hair strobing in which the secret lies.

hair-strobing.jpgFirst women started to contour face with bronzer, blusher and highlighter. Then came the time when contouring was replaced by strobing.

Focus was on emphasise of certain areas of face with light. From face, through cleavage, neck or even stomach and legs – yes these parts were also contoured – to hair.

But, how you contour hair? Here also the secret lies in the game of lights, just like in make-up. Nonetheless, instead of make-up cosmetics, you use various hair dyes and apply it on hair. Hair strobing is nothing else but providing hair with gloss through right colourisation. In this version of lightening hair is about obtaining as natural effect as it is possible. So, that you can enjoy shiny hair style, even when there is no sun.

What is hair strobing and how is it different from standard lightening? After all, for years hairdressers use highlights to ensure hair style with three-dimensional and just better appearance. However, the new trend is about highlighting hair only in these areas where sun naturally falls. In case of hair strobing, dye is not just applied anywhere. What matters is natural hair colour, shape of face, skin complexion and hair style.

Discussed colouration technique involves an individual approach for each client. You have to remember that hair strobing will never look exactly the same. After all, light falls different on straight, wavy and curly hair. Beside, shape of the hair style, matters also hair colour, because as you know light colour reflexes the light and the dark colour absorbs it. Important is even your favourite hair style – different highlights are needed for loose and tied hair.

Hair strobing is extremely difficult colourisation technique, which is practised by very few hairdressers. You must be great hair stylist to be able to handle it. Women who want to test hair contouring, can test hair strobing without the necessity of colourisation. It is possible thanks to TAB>U Booster Shine Conditioner from SENS.US. This is a highlighting product that restores hair with natural gloss, nourishes and regenerates.