Gombre. All hair-lovers know this trend.

Along with the advent of autumn in hairdressing, there started trend for… grey hair. This is the newest trend called gombre. The name is a combination of two words: grey and ombre.

gombre.jpgInstagram went crazy for dyed grey hair. Bloggers and vloggers are flooding the Internet with pictures of hair styles and videos from hair salons.

It appears as gombre has entered canon of modern beauty for good. When did the trend for grey highlights started? All hair lovers probably remember when Lady Gaga shocked her fans by changing her hair colour. However, singer did not go for grey ends, but dyed the entire hair. This season top trend became variation on this hair style. Gombre involves colourisation of hair ends. Where’s the catch? You have to do it so that new colour smoothly blend with natural hair colour. The same rule applies with ombre or even sombre.

What hair style goes well with gombre? There are no determined rules that would say how you should tie your hair when having grey hair. You will look beautiful in loose hair, bun, ponytail or plait. Gombre suits best brunettes and brown-haired women. Sadly, this type of colourisation is not recommended for blondes. What kind of make-up fits grey hair ends? The most appropriate are going to be brown, violet or claret colours of the lipstick; emphasise the look it with black eye liner on your eyes and apply mascara. Do gombre go well with highlights in other colours? Of course, yes. However, they need to be very subtle, match skin complexion and colour of your hair. There will be the best plum, claret, black or light brown highlights. Play a little with colours of grey. Combine platinum, silver, pewter and ashy to create original look. All your friends will be jealous of your new look and hair style!