Innovation: Hair Serum HairX Advanced TimeResist

hairx-advanced-timeresist.jpgA method for hair with first signs of ageing? HairX Advanced TimeResist – complex hair serum with silk protein for mature hair. It eliminates five ageing signs of hair and is truly affordable!

Volume: 30 ml/1.0 fl. oz.

Placed in glass grey packaging with the pump, serum is an innovation in the field of hair care from Oriflame. Serum does not require rinsing and is great to protect hair ends against dryness.

Hair serum HairX Advanced TimeResist

It is recommended to use serum HairX Advanced TimeResist few times a week along with regular application of shampoo and conditioner from the same line. This product is expected to be third step in hair care. Serum HairX Advanced provides dry hair with repair, deeply nourishes and protects against, e.g. high temperature.

Serum HairX Advanced TimeResist eliminates 5 signs of hair ageing:

1. Dryness
2. Brittleness
3. Matte
4. Loss of volume
5. Unruliness

Application of hair serum HairX Advanced TimeResist is not difficult. Just take one pump of the product and warm it up a bit in your hands. Next apply it on the dry hair ends. It is rather not advised to use hair serum HairX Advanced TimeResist on the entire hair length, because streaks are usually dry only at the ends. Indeed, serum is created to have local use.

HairX Advanced TimeResist is a hair serum that provides deep moisture, nourishment and vitality restoration. So far, dull and dry hair gain delicacy, become healthier, soft and very shiny. It all thanks to content of silk protein, which cover hair with light, moisturising layer. This causes hair serum HairX Advanced to restore health to even the most neglected hair in a matter of few weeks. First effects are to be observed in less than 2 weeks of regular application.

This line consists of also: shampoo HairX Advanced TimeResist and hair conditioner HairX Advanced TimeResist.