Hair colouring – how to extend the life of your colour?

Colour-treated hair needs proper care. Regular masks and conditioners are not enough. If you want to enjoy a beautiful hairstyle all the time, you must condition it in a suitable way. Read the text and find out what to do to have beautiful hair.

hair-care.jpgUse shampoos which provide shine and keep the new colour longer. Bear in mind that hair cuticles raise due to high temperature. Consequently, dye pigments are washed away.

Therefore, give up on shampoos containing detergents and drying substances. Use moisturising, nourishing and protective cosmetics. A shampoo for coloured hair should include: panthenol, keratin, proteins, jojoba oil, macadamia oil and aloe vera extract. These ingredients make hair supple and smooth. You will avoid split ends whereas your strands will be protected from the sun.

Have you dyed your hair yet? If so, you should condition the strands with cosmetics designed for coloured hair. Drug stores offer products for blondes as well as brunettes. The products contain special pigments which protect the colour and increase the shine. If you want to keep the colour as long as possible, use cosmetics with natural ingredients. You need: camomile or linseed extract, hazelnut, wild rose extract or cinnamon. Remember to match a conditioner with the shampoo. The ingredients of the shampoo and the conditioner must complement each other. What is the action of the conditioner? It prevents the colour from fading, smooths, moisturises and tames unruly strands. If your hair is thin, apply the conditioner to the hair ends only.

What are other ways of taking care of dyed hair? Wash your hair when it really needs it; water may wash the pigment away. After the colouring, the strands do not tend to get oily. Remember not to wash your hair for at least two days after the treatment. Say goodbye to a flat iron and a curler. The colour bleaches due to heat. Protect the hair from sunbeams, chlorinated and salty water.