MACADAMIA – Natural Oil, Healing Oil Treatment


What’s in the composition?

Base for Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment are two entirely natural and very precious (in particular in hair care) oils. One of them is argan oil, that for good reason is called liquid gold of Morocco. Second is macadamia nut oil, which is an exceptional diversity of EFA. To be true, Macadamia Therapeutic Oil for All Hair Types does not contain harmful substances, parabens and sulphates. However, it is not entirely natural product, because there are some silicones and fragrances that could have been avoided. These are not particularly damaging, but every hair can react differently.

What are the properties?

If Macadamia hair oil is a healing treatment, this means that it can in great way deal with weakening of hair. There is a good reason for this oil being present in the review of hair growth enhancing oils. Healing Oil Treatment is a cosmetic that nourishes, strengthens and regenerates hair from the roots. Macadamia oil improves renewal processes in hair cells, makes hair elastic, smoother and provides gloss. Nourishment, moisture and repair result with strong and healthy hair that do not fall out extensively and are well rooted in the follicles. This means that Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment inhibits hair loss and improves processes in hair bulbs thanks to what hair grow much faster than prior to oil treatment.

Perhaps it is not typical hair growth stimulating oil, but that is one of its effects.

What is the formula like?

Macadamia Therapeutic Oil for All Hair Types is a product with an interesting design. Looks promising. Oil has plastic bottle in colours of brown and green. This is a handy and convenient packaging, especially because the top was equipped with easy applicator in form of pump. Formula of the oil for hair growth from Macadamia maybe troublesome, most of all due to thick consistency. Oil’s colour is golden, but because the thickness application on hair is quite tiresome. Side effect of applying too much of the cosmetic can be weighting down hair, which are unable to absorb it and remain clumped. According to the label, Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment in theory is dedicated to all hair types, but in fact it is better for high porosity hair, frizzing, curly, dry, etc.


  • two natural oils
  • lack of harmful substances, parabens, etc.
  • complex nourishment and repair
  • side effect: hair growth enhancement
  • ergonomic plastic bottle
  • very convenient applicator


  • contains silicones and fragrances
  • too thick formula that can weight hair down
  • not for all hair types