NANOIL Hair Oil – Versatile Treatment

NANOIL Hair Oil – Versatile Treatment

Nanoil hair oils are available in a version for:

  • – low porosity hair,
  • – medium porosity hair,
  • – high porosity hair.

What’s the composition?

Nanoil hair oils are recommended for various hair types hence noticeable differences in their ingredients. The two oils all products have in common are argan oil for heat protection and passion fruit oil with antioxidants. Besides, each of three oils has different components that you can read more on the manufacturer’s website. There are introduced not only active substances but also discussed all their properties. Nanoil for low porosity hair has the most oils – 9. The remaining two products have six oils each. All Nanoil hair oils contain the best composition of oils and hair butter for the given hair porosity. The ingredients were enhanced with innovative additional components for anti-hair loss and to stimulate hair growth as well as UV filter, vitamins, silk, keratin and much more. All the substances match needs of given hair type, and none of them is there by mistake. It is worth mentioning that Nanoil hair oil is free from silicone and paraben so that each oil can be used on the scalp.

What are the properties?

Due to the best hair oils and additional substances, Nanoil hair oil effectively stimulates hair growth. Especially when applied to the scalp in the circular motion. The hair growth stimulation and anti-hair loss action are here additional properties.

Nanoil hair oils have a broad impact on hair problems characteristic for the given hair type.

• Nanoil for low porosity hair speeds up drying time, protects and facilitates styling, but also provides volume, prevents greasy roots and takes care of hair so that it would not lose its excellent condition.

• Nanoil for medium porosity hair mostly prevents frizzy hair and split ends, strengthens, hydrates and beautifies, while ensuring continuous protection, preventing hair condition worsening, taking care of hair elasticity, softness, and gloss.

• Nanoil for high porosity hair regenerates hair, restores damaged structure and deeply moisturizes, but also provides hair with softness and gloss, prevents frizzy hair, flyaways, split ends, matte hair, etc.

Characteristic to all Nanoil hair oils is that their action is more than superficial, as it is frequent for other oils. Cosmetics matching hair porosity penetrate inner hair structure and work at the deepest scalp and hair layers. Thanks to it, Nanoil hair oils provide intense hydration, nourishment, and strengthening, but also protect all hair type against unfavorable factors.

What is the formula like?

Nanoil hair oil is a proposition for hair care you cannot just pass by. Most of all, it draws attention with its appearance, because it looks luxurious due to the combination of gold and dark wood. The elegance intertwines here with simplicity and natural elements (the cap was made of natural wood and has carved drop). Glass yet the solid execution of the bottle holds formula with proven efficiency. The dosage is pleasant and causes no problems thanks to the convenient applicator in the form of wide pump. What is inside the 100 ml bottle? Nanoil hair oil – clear, colorless and light oil with a fresh scent that is perfectly absorbed by the scalp and hair. Nanoil hair oil can be used even on fine hair because there is no weighting down when applied on dry hair. Nanoil hair oil is excellent oil for hair oiling before hair wash, styling or to maintain the results. The manufacturer leaves you free hand as to the application that you can match with your needs and the time you have. Nanoil hair oil does not have to be rinsed and to cover hair you need a small amount of the hair oil.


  • the best selection of 9 natural oils in the composition
  • natural and innovative ingredients combination
  • silicone and paraben free formula
  • hair growth stimulation and ant-hair loss action
  • complex protection against unfavourable factors
  • perfect absorption, non-greasy and no weighting down
  • perfect for hair and scalp oiling
  • effective no matter the method
  • the only oil matching hair porosity
  • elegant and resistant to damages bottle


  • available exclusively online (though the delivery is quick)
  • bottle made with dark glass, so fingers leave prints all over it

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