KHADI – Natural Products, Ayurvedic Hair Oil Amla


What’s in the composition?

Khadi Ayurvedic Hair Oil Amla deserves an approbation due to its composition. Cosmetic is based on three Indian oils: bringaraj, brahmi and amla (Indian gooseberry). These exotic oils are very rare in cosmetics, but hold very valuable properties. Beside them, hair growth enhancing Khadi Amla contains also sunflower seed oil, sesame oil and sweet almond oil. Also present are henna and additional vegetable extracts with positive impact on hair.

Khadi Ayurvedic Hair Oil does not contain any preservatives, alcohols, silicones or potential damaging substances.

What are the properties?

Khadi Hair Oil is suitable for all hair types, though it can darken hair (probably due to presence of henna). For this reason this hair oil is not recommended for blondes, who might not want to change their hair colour. Hair growth stimulating oil provides natural gloss and velvety softness. Khadi Ayurvedic Hair Oil with amla oil helps restore hair structure, strengthens hair from the roots and prevents split ends. Nourished follicles directly influence hair condition and thanks to Khadi Amla these are in much better shape. Furthermore, this cosmetic in a complex way regenerates, takes care of scalp, improves processes in hair and most of all speeds up hair growth. This oil is the best, available on the market, product for stimulation of hair growth, when it comes to properties and formula.

What is the formula like?

Smell of Khadi Amla is not the most pleasing one. Hair growth enhancing Khadi Ayurvedic Hair Oil Amla has very intense, strong herbal aroma, that not everyone will like. This oil out of other hair growth stimulating oil has the most runny formula. This is why is was poured into glass bottle with pretty design and equipped in convenient pipette, that allows precise dosage. Hair oil treatment with Khadi Amla Hair Oil shouldn’t cause any greater problems, because cosmetic quite well absorbs in hair. Due to natural composition cosmetic can be applied both on hair and scalp. The greatest obstacle can be fact that hair growth stimulating oil can darken hair and leave strong scent. Beside all that, its properties are very complex and price relatively low and affordable.


  • three Indian oils in the composition
  • complex of natural oils and extracts
  • complex regeneration and hair protection
  • marvellous hair growth enhancing properties
  • lightweight formula, that absorbs well
  • suitable for hair oil treatment


  • too intense herbal scent
  • darkening properties
  • glass and quite heavy bottle